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On The Natural Progression Of Life . . .

My feeling is that life only has the illusion of chronological movement retrospectively. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of “random” shit happening that we somehow try to make some sense out of later. – Nicholas Payton

On Love . . .

Love is not come upon through an intellectual reasoning. I don’t believe you can either choose to love or not. In its purest form, it just is. It’s not so much about what you get than it is what you give. Of course, one … Continue reading

On Authenticity vs. Getting Over . . .

I find it astonishing the great number of people in this world who are satisfied with doing just enough to get by. I understand it intellectually, yet still grapple with comprehending it completely. I mean, for what other purpose are we here but … Continue reading

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On communication . . .

Email and / or texts are not valid forms of communication. The only thing email is good for is if you want to document a previously discussed conversation. Text is cool is you can’t speak to someone and you need … Continue reading

On What is God . . .

The presence of everything and the absence of everything. – Nicholas Payton

On Prince and D’Angelo . . .

Anyone else notice the similarity between Prince’s I Wonder U and D’Angelo’s Africa? – Nicholas Payton

On Prince and Estelle . . .

Anyone else notice that Estelle’s American Boy has an uncanny resemblance to Prince’s Pop Life? – Nicholas Payton

More On Happiness . . .

Happiness can be a very lonely place. To be happy, one must step out onto new terrain. To be happy, one must be vulnerable and open and there are no guarantees when one does this. There are no coincidences in … Continue reading

On Happiness . . .

Happiness does not always feel good, nor is it easy to achieve. Being addicted to ideal circumstances can be a deterrent to true happiness. What you want may not be what you need. Happiness is being grateful for what you have, being committed … Continue reading