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A Line Will Lead You Nowhere -by Nicholas Payton

#BAM I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but I am continually shocked by the lack of intelligence displayed by people in this world. People whose only reference for understanding something in the present is the past. I … Continue reading

Nicholas Payton Spreading The Gospel Of BAM On WWOZ With Dr. T.R. Johnson on 12/6/11

Click on link to download: – Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

Good Intent Is “De NIGGABITCH” With A Ghetto Ass And A Golden Throat

Fuck intent. People need to wake up. I’m tired of people saying what they intended. You didn’t intend to hurt? Actually, it’s more like you didn’t intend for me to find out. Doesn’t make it any less jive because you’re … Continue reading

Fuck The 99%!!!

The 99% is simply about a class of Whites aligning themselves with the impoverished they didn’t give a shit about until they, too, were broke. Am I supposed to care now that you’ve had a “come to Jesus” moment and want … Continue reading

On Why Nicholas Payton Is NOT A Racist

Black people cannot be racists; we can be prejudice, but not racists. Black people don’t control anything of significance, not even our Black President of The United States. We don’t ultimately have the power to discriminate economically, politically, in education, … Continue reading

No One Plays More Horn Than Nicholas Payton: An Open Letter To Jeremy Pelt

Click on link for Jeremy’s blog…. Really, Jeremy? I’ve been a mentor to you. For you to have the balls to publicly critique your older brother without first talking to him is of utmost disrespect and indicative of what’s wrong … Continue reading

On Tooting My Own Horn

I never got why when people said someone was “tooting their own horn” it was a bad thing. Isn’t that what my horn is for? If I am not to toot my own horn, then who? It just brings to mind how … Continue reading

An Open Letter To Marcus Strickland And His Facebook Friends

courtesy of Pamela Firefly So you ask me if I am upset? Yes, Marcus, I am upset. Upset at cats who I have broken bread with, gone out of my way to support, helped out when they were in need … Continue reading

An Open Letter To My Dissenters On Why Jazz Isn’t Cool Anymore

Let me make one thing clear.
 I am not dissing an art form.  I am dissing the name, Jazz.
 Just like being called Nigger affected how Black people felt about themselves at one time, I believe the term “JAZZ” affects … Continue reading