Monthly Archives: March 2012

White Is The New Negro

Black or White? It’s doesn’t matter if it’s David Duke, Donald Trump or the Sanford, Florida police department, White supremacy is all the same. White supremacy doesn’t only come dressed in white sheets and hoods. It’s part of the fabric … Continue reading

Walking While Hooded : Trayvon’s Sin Was In His Skin

Skin I’m In Is George Zimmerman a racist? It is my understanding that he’s Latino, meaning, he’s Brown; and is ultimately subject to discrimination like Blacks in this country. He’s a Brown man who perhaps identifies as a White man. … Continue reading

On Eddie Palmieri . . .

Eddie Palmieri is one of the most important innovators in American music. He redefined American music and never capitulated to the capitalist design of this nation that seeks to put free creative thought in shackles. They said he was crazy. … Continue reading