Monthly Archives: June 2012

On The Fulcrum and The Lever . . .

Being more aggressive is easy; having the patience to know when to dial it back is an art. People have the most difficulty in life because they can’t distinguish the fulcrum from the lever. Every path has a dead end, … Continue reading

Black American Symphony

Here it is, the first complete rehearsal of my Black American Symphony with a 73-piece full symphonic orchestra. #BAM – Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

On Dilla, Hiphop and The Charleston . . .

Man, it’s been so long that Yeezy has been Pop, I forgot he used to be a Backpacker. I guess it’s a done deal with Jigga at this point. Niggas in Paris. What about these folks who resting on their … Continue reading