Monthly Archives: August 2012

On Why God Is The Niggerization of Love . . .

Being niggerized is not something that just happens overnight. It takes years of deprogramming, programming and reprogramming to successfully niggerize a people. To be beat down to the point where you just willingly accept whatever you’re given is to be … Continue reading

On Being a Superwoman . . .

Superwoman is a lonely bitch. You can’t complain about what someone doesn’t do for you if you don’t trust them enough to let them do it. Stevie Wonder wrote some of the most poignant lyrics ever. I often marvel at that prolific … Continue reading

On Being Selfishly Selfless . . .

There is no way to have peace without war. It should be called “piece” because it’s only part of the story. Striving for world peace is silly. We should all strive for inner-peace. Once we achieve that, we will instantaneously have … Continue reading

On The Blues . . .

The Blues is not a style of music, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re always willing to put your trust in shady folks, but constantly doubting the people who love you, fuck you. If you’re always looking to get, and never … Continue reading

On The European Influence in Black American Music . . .

Who invented harmony? Harmony exists in nature. We are harmonic beings. We are rhythmic beings. Black Americans didn’t invent harmony; neither did Europeans. Because many Black American musicians have been influenced by European harmony it doesn’t take away from the fact their music is a … Continue reading