Monthly Archives: October 2012

An Open Letter to Branford Marsalis . . .

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you An Open Letter to Branford Marsalis. WARNING: This broadcast contains no obscenities (unlike Branford’s last JazzTimes interview which is replete with the usage of  “F” and “S” bombs.) ‘Sup, Branford: First, … Continue reading

Kunta Kinte Goes To Outer Space (Part II)

Let me just go ahead and say that just about anyone who has a TV to watch PBS is privileged relative to some of the atrocities others outside of America struggle with daily. Some who read my posts regularly may … Continue reading

Kunta Kinte Goes To Outer Space (Part I)

Everyone’s making a big deal about Romney pulling the plug on Big Bird. Mitt got Kunta Kinte all upset. My thing is: When has Obama ever made a big stance on supporting the arts? He certainly didn’t say anything on … Continue reading

On Why Mothafuckas Chillin’ On Big Bird’s Nutz . . .

The American people as a whole are so easily manipulated it’s no wonder the country’s in decline. Critical thinking is at an all-time low. People just go with what they see on the surface and never bother to probe any … Continue reading