Monthly Archives: December 2012

Why The World Is Flat . . .

Not sure what’s happening to my ears, but all samples sound flat to me these days. Even good ones. I’m just feelin’ live instruments. I just need to hear some shit that moves the air and molecules in a room. … Continue reading

On Peace in a Mentally Ill Society . . .

Folks wanna act like having guns and mental illness is a new phenomenon. People been armed and crazy for years. The real issue is the hypocrisy of American violence. It is not irrational to think—that given America’s history—every now and … Continue reading

Why There’s Still Hope For The World

When are we going to wake up? How many more catastrophes are we going to have to endure before we realize that it’s not the big things holding us back from realizing our full potential? It’s the simple things. Saying … Continue reading

On Why There’s Nothing New About Newtown . . .

How many innocent kids are murdered abroad daily by our government? We’re not going to implement gun control laws as long as killing is still a part of the American way. America condones violence and violence begets violence. I don’t care … Continue reading

On The Whitewashing of Black American Music . . .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . . #BAM! – Nicholas Payton aka The Patron Saint of Black American Music