Monthly Archives: March 2013

What’s So Good About “Good” Friday?

This post is for mature audiences only. I’m not attacking anyone’s beliefs, but I just don’t get it. On this day, they killed a cat whose mission it was that everyone aspired to be their best selves and whose message … Continue reading

Payton’s Treatise on 4/4 Swing

4/4 swing is the groove of all grooves. A rigid expression of elasticity. It remains in a perpetual state of both repetition and release. It is the logical conclusion of rhythmic circularity—the place where time dies and goes to heaven. 4/4 … Continue reading

Revenge of The Geeks (The Difference Between Nerds, Geeks and Freaks)

Nerds and geeks are typically lumped together as one and the same, but they are eons apart. This is primarily due to the fact that these characteristics typically come to light around pubescence—a time when socialization seriously begins to define … Continue reading

NP Bootleg Series: The Nicholas Payton XXX Live in Munich

Download two sets of music—for free—from Munich, Germany from a live show last week. #BAM – Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

Sam: #BAM The Official Poster Child of BMF Records

The Autonomous Nigga Is An Endangered Species

Niggas are headed right back to slavery in front of their very eyes and they see it not. I’m tryna tell y’all, but very few really hear me. Truth is, we never left slavery. We live in a world of … Continue reading