Monthly Archives: June 2013

On Jazz, The VRA, the NSA, and Paula Deen . . .

If it wasn’t obvious before why the #BAM movement was necessary, the recent decision by the Supreme Court to strike down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 should serve as an example. This is the basis of … Continue reading

Nicholas Payton Speaks On Yeezus . . .

You mothafuckas are making the same mistake with Yeezus as you did with 808s. If you’re looking for it to be a Hiphop album, you’ve already missed the point. Kanye stopped making Hiphop albums a long time ago. Get over … Continue reading

Live in Anguilla: The Mulgrew Miller Trio with Kenny Garrett & Nicholas Payton

While tweeting today with my good friend, pianist Taylor Eigsti, I was reminded of a gig Kenny Garrett and I did about 8 years ago with my dear brother, Mulgrew Miller, and his trio of bassist Ivan Taylor and drummer … Continue reading

Grew Stepped Out Of A Dream: A Few Words on Mulgrew Miller

I would like to say a few things about my big brother, Mulgrew. We all called him “Grew” for short, which is apropos because you couldn’t help but to grow being around this cat. I spent a lot of time … Continue reading