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The Black Nation of The United States of America

With all the racial talk post-Zimmerman verdict, I’d like to take some time to explore the deeper issue here: America. What most of its citizens fail to understand is that this nation doesn’t exist; it is a myth. The U.S. … Continue reading

Unlocking The Mystery Of Hyphenated Racism

There’s been a relatively new phenomenon in White supremacist culture, who the neophyte within has come to identify as hyphenated racism. To stay viable post-Civil Rights, Whiteness has had to change its face. Gone are the days of overt acts … Continue reading

FREE WISDOM: The Solution To Ending Black Oppression In America (in one, short blog post)

So y’all gon’ sign a petition to ask the system to bring civil charges against the same murderer the system freed? Y’all a trip. Y’all just not gon’ learn, are ya? You’re asking the same unjust system the same question we’ve … Continue reading

Black America : You Built It, But This is NOT Your Country

The Zimmerman verdict is no news. It is business as usual. You can march in the streets. You can make signs. You can blackout your social media avi. You can boycott Florida, yet the other 49 states are just as … Continue reading

American Progress and The Zimmerman Trial . . .

“I thought with the ancient Romans, that it was right never to cede any land or boundary of the republic, but always to add to it by honorable treaty, thus extending the area of freedom.” -Andrew Jackson Excuse me, Mr. … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Magna Carta… Holy Grail

I’m not sure people understand what an album is anymore. It’s a complete story, not just a compilation of records (as in tracks or songs). So, if you’re not going to really do an album, just release singles. The ghost … Continue reading