Monthly Archives: August 2013

Western Thought and the African Dilemma

The world is very troubled right now and I think a large part of that is due to how most people have been conditioned to think. Just the idea of thought itself is problematic. To many, thought is often seen … Continue reading

Bill Cosby’s Thoughts On The #BAM Movement

In a recent interview Richard Scheinin asked Bill Cosby the following (even though I’m not on a campaign to get rid of the word “JAZZ”): Richard Scheinin: Trumpeter Nicholas Payton has a campaign to get rid of the word “jazz,” and replace … Continue reading

Has Hiphop and Sampling Killed Music?

It’s gotten to the point when I hear a new record that I dig — which is rare — my first thought is, “I wonder where they stole this from?” It’s really a shame that it has to be a … Continue reading

Thicke’s Got To Give It Up (Pt. 2)

Since Gaye’s Got To Give It Up is in two parts, I thought it would be fitting to make my post in two parts. I knew that a lot of folks would be pissed off at the first line of … Continue reading

Thicke and Co., Got To Give It Up To Marvin

Wow, another case of a White dude stealing Black music. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. This is where sample culture goes wrong and morphs into entitlement culture. I don’t know how the “composers” of Blurred Lines are even suing … Continue reading

Thanks for the love, Guadalajara!

Musicians are always griping about what goes wrong on the road, so now I want to take time to show some love to some folks who get it and did it right. Shout out to Gilberto Cervantes, Sara Valenzuela, and … Continue reading