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The #BAM Babies in Anticipation of “Numbers”

You guys might remember Sam “The #BAM Baby”? Well, his little sister, Skylar has joined the #BAM fold. They are excited for my new release, “Numbers.” Coming soon! July 22… Available here for iTunes pre-sale: #BAM

Video: Bill Stewart with The Nicholas Payton Trio — Live at Blues Alley

“Playing in the pocket is the new abstractionism.” #RideCymbal #Stick #Wood #Swing #TribalDNA #BAM — Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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Press Release for “Numbers,” by Nicholas Payton ft. Butcher Brown


Masters of Funky New Orleans Drumming — Vol. 1

Earl Palmer John Boudreaux Smokey Johnson James Black Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste  Idris Muhammad (Leo Morris) #BAM — Nicholas Payton aka The King of Research

Should I Spotify?

If you use Spotify, I hope it’s to stream albums you already own or plan to purchase, because they pay us shit. I don’t mind someone using Spotify as a means of familiarizing themselves with an artist or project. In … Continue reading

Do You Remember What It Was Like To Be Human?

Since the beginning of days people have prophesied about the end of days. There’s no way to make someone your slave without first becoming a slave yourself. It used to be that in order to capture a slave you had to become … Continue reading

“Snob of the Year,” Nicholas Payton Meets The Music Snobs

You’ve heard about it. Here it is… Listen to me star as guest Snob with my favorite critics in the game: The Music Snobs. Peep this groove out… #BAM — NIcholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop


Nicholas Payton (@paynic) explores centuries of black American musical traditions in a free show tmrw:… #MetrotechRnB— BAM (@BAM_Brooklyn) June 11, 2014 Well, you’ve been waiting for it. Now it’s finally going to happen: #BAM @ BAM Come see us … Continue reading

On Quincy Jones, Ray Brown, Brownie, Fat Girl, Fab, Art and Helen . . .

DISCLAIMER: Ray and Q, please excuse my gratuitous references to “Niggas” and “mothafuckas.” Know that I mean it with all the love in my heart… Walking In Space . . . Mothafuckas love to talk about Quincy Jones as a producer, … Continue reading

On The Art of Music Criticism . . .

Music is not meant to be placed on a one-size-fits-all rack. The type of theoretical analysis that may lend itself to Classical music can’t necessarily be cross-collateralized against African arts. That is a check that will never clear. There is … Continue reading