On The Sound Of Music . . .

The true innovators are the ones who defy all convention.

West Side Story was an introduction to the glorification of gangsterism
in our society.

The Sound Of Music was the final frontier in the battle between the cynics and the optimists.

It was a harking back to the time before everything became “hip”.

We lost something when we allowed ourselves to sit at the dinner table slovenly dressed.

Julie Andrews is a champion for feminine independence.

The downfall of education in America is synonymous with the disintegration of music programs in our schools.

The Sound Of Music is the Austrian version of The Blues Brothers.

The old nun towards the end was FIRE!!!

Give light. Live life. Love.

– Nicholas Payton

The Simple Things

It’s always just the simple things
that seem to bring me light.
A landing through the hills,
or daffodils in spring;
a gentle walk in the park
after dark.
To have and hold a baby in your arms;
a spoon of Lucky Charms.
Or come what may,
some little thing the day might bring;
for it’s just the simple things.

It’s always just the simple things
that seem to bring me joy.
A cozy fireplace,
a brand new choo-choo train,
or a surprisingly swinging refrain.
To have and hold your lover in your arms;
behold their many charms.
For when I wake,
I’m grateful for another day
to enjoy the simple things.

– Nicholas Payton

On Freedom . . .

Freedom is…
being able to breath deeply.

Freedom is…
falling down and getting back up again.

Freedom is…
accepting  both pain and happiness as fleeting friends.

Freedom is…
the absence of fear.

Freedom is…
knowing when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Freedom  is…
always moving in stillness.

Freedom is…
a quiet bang.

Freedom is…
forgetting your yesterdays never thinking of tomorrow.

Freedom is…
never  owning anything or owing  anybody.

Freedom is…
receiving with open arms.

Freedom is…
giving without  expectation.

Freedom is…
loving what you are.

Freedom  is…
loving what you are not.

Freedom is…
being brave enough to suffer death so you may receive life.

But most of all,

Freedom is trying never to be free.

To know freedom is to know you.

– Nicholas Payton

On Heaven . . .

Heaven is knowing who you are.
Heaven is seeing that day is day and night is night.
Heaven is not knowing that you’re in heaven.
Heaven is never wanting to go to heaven.

– Nicholas Payton

On Hell . . .

Hell is not knowing who you are.
Hell is wanting something you already have.
Hell is expecting someone to love you more than you.
Hell is believing that hell really exists.

– Nicholas Payton