On The State Of The Union Address . . .

I dunno about y’all, but I’m tired of hearing Obama give speeches.

I don’t need motivation; I needs results!

Stop shuffling; the gig is yours, bruh.

People are  always like, “He’s so well spoken”.

I expect my President to speak good English.

NO points from me on that one.

Are we so fcuked up by W. that we are happy to get anyone with a modicum of intelligence?

I’m not saying Obama ain’t capable, he just ain’t doin’ shyt.

I was saying this before the he took office.

Too many fcuking promises.

People are always like, “Do you think you can do better?”

I didn’t run for President and promise to change the world, though. He did.

I sure miss the days when the President was too busy getting blow jobs to give speeches. lol

And in case you think I’m an Obama hater, I didn’t say the brotha wasn’t capable.

He’s bad. I’m just tired of hearing speeches.

I would equate Obama giving speeches to hearing Duke Ellington talk about the blues.

Kinda reminds me of someone I know who always talks about the blues.

Mothafcuka don’t have to say shit to me if he doin’ his slave, dig?

This is not about me thinking I could do his job, just like he can’t do mine.

I just said I’m tired of hearing speeches.

I don’t need a pep talk, but I respect peoples right to them if they desire just like I respect his right to give them.

I don’t care if Satan was President before him, at the end of the day I voted because he was the lesser of two evils (3 if you count Palin).

I don’t think even in 4 – 8 years he will be able to change the degree to which he said. And as he stated tonight, it’s WE who have to make significant difference in the world.

And I don’t know about y’all, but I’m doing the fcuk out of my part. I’m always giving 100 every time out.

I vote and I have a right to voice displeasure about the way my country is run, just like as an artist when I put work out there it’s subject to criticism.

More than half the people who talk shyt on my records couldn’t even get a sound out of my horn.

That’s not the point.

When you accept the job as President you accept all that comes with it.

He can handle it and I’m sure Obama is not worried about whatever insignificant shyt I have to say on my blog.

If we don’t hold these politicians to what they say, then who will?

It’s not my job to sit around and wait for shyt to happen.

I make shyt happen.

When people come to my show they expect me to bring it from note one.

They’re not like “give him to the end of the week to start swingin’.”

You gotta get ’em from the start or you lose your audience.

I’m tired of hearing the mufka talk about ending a war and at the same time sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

I’m tired of seeing homeless disabled vets begging. We should take far better care of our soldiers. Don’t make NO sense.

I’m tired of no one doing shyt about New Orleans.

Speeches don’t help build levees, action does. And if he keeps caving in to mothafcukas who don’t have his back as opposed to people like me who voted for his ass then he will lose his constituency.

He’s already got the gig, so he should have a kiss-my-ass attitude to anyone not liking his policies at this point.

I support the brotha, but I’m over the fact that he’s Black.

I’m over the fact that he’s well spoken, and I’m over the fact that he’s not George W. Bush.

I want him to deliver on what he said. “Faith without works is dead”. (James 2:20)

I don’t blindly support, trust, or get behind any man.

I put my trust in God, after that, EVERYBODY is questionable and has to deliver to gain my respect.

People are always like, “But, he trying to undo what Bush fcuked up the past 8 years”.

The problem with this country goes a lot further back then 8 years.

This didn’t start with Bush.

The raping, pillaging, and disenfranchisement was present from jumpstreet.

I support the brotha, but I’m tired of the lip service.

He’s being too much of a politician and to me the way to affect real change is to stick his neck out and be the anti-politician.

Say what you want about W, but what you can’t is that he wasn’t straight gangsta ’bout his shyt. And like it or not, “he” (or his puppeteers) affected a lot of change.

Obama needs to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty and just start taking what’s his gangsta style (like Cheney and Bush).

I didn’t sign up for the job, he did.

Everybody keeps saying, “it’s only been one year; give him time”, but it’ll be two before you know it.

I hope you all are right, but at this point nothing significant has been done.

We can all hope and dream, but that shyt don’t provide health care, build levees, or end wars.

You can’t hope or speak your way thru playin’ over Vodville.

Hope without action ain’t shyt.

I don’t wanna hear a mufka pontificate about the blues, I wan’t him to PLAY dem nasty stank-ass blues.

All the cats I know who played nasty blues on the trumpet had scarred chops.

No way around it.

Obama’s afraid to mess up his chops.

MLK wasn’t.

Malcolm X wasn’t.

Medgar wasn’t.

That’s what moves me; that’s what moves the world.

He’ll NEVER affect change as a politician.

Ghandi was not a politician.

Nor was anyone who brought about great change for the people.

I disagree with the notion of gangsterism being only in the negative.

Jesus was a straight up gangsta.

The laws that are set up are not for “The People”.

They are for a select few.

For one to affect change, they have to “break” the law, thus making them a criminal and a threat.

That’s why MLK, Mandela, etc. were arrested.

They were viewed as criminals, gangsters.

Rosa Parks was a criminal.

Harriet Tubman was a criminal.

They went against the status-quo.

Obama’s tryna fight fair.

That’s like using fistacuffs in a gun fight and that ain’t gon’ get it, baby.

He betta start showing his Blackness or we will all remain in Darkness.

Politics is all about money, and as long as this model continues to stand, the working folk will never have a voice in government.

Big Poppa Corporation will continue to have sovereignty.

Obama Kool-Aid for sale $0.25.

I ain’t drankin’ it.

MLK was a great orator who also brought shyt into action.

He was not afraid of being disliked, getting arrested, walking or dying for the sake of our freedom.

Jesus died for us.

JFK died for us.

I’m not saying our Chief has to die.

I certainly hope not.

But he has to be willing to and he can’t be afraid to shake shyt up and piss people off.

We won’t see change until he puts himself in the line of fire.

That’s how great change always came about and always will.

History proves that. By the blood of Man, we have everlasting life.

No way ’round it.

‘S how it is.

It’s not enough to accept the job, he has to do the job.

When he really does his job, folks not gonna be happy.

He’s not upsetting the Right-winger’s cart at all right now.

Know why???

MLK had children and those children were prepared for the fact that Daddy might die.

‘S how it is.

I never got any results in my life hoping some shyt would change.

You can’t affect change within the system.

You have to create another one.

People always say, “Easier said than done”.

Who said it would be easy?

That’s what he signed up for.

As I said before, I think the brotha is bad and I support him.

I just want him to be a lil’ more gangsta ’bout his shyt.

I believe it’s my right as an American citizen and voter to expect my President to follow through and deliver on his promises to the inhabitants of this nation.

I have a voice and feel it’s my right and duty as a conscientious brotha to critique government officials.

I am by no means perfect, but I do live the ideals I speak so passionately about.

I have a lot of fire as well as love in my heart and speak accordingly.

Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”, and I believe we can all agree that these issues most certainly matter.

I’m not expecting any more from him than I expect from myself.

I work hard, show compassion towards others and tell people to fcuk off when I feel necessary.

I always speak up when there is injustice directed either towards myself or my fellow brothas and sistas of all backgrounds.

I receive a lot of harsh criticism for it but I know of no other way to be.

I am, and always will be, a work in progress and live honestly according to my spirit and if that means me not being liked by some, I’m ok with that.

The ones that do get me I find to be hardcore humans that live 100 which is who I prefer to have in my circle anyways.

All 100ers.

The mass revolution will be but a collective realization of inner revolution.

I’m tired of hearing, “he tried to do this and tried to do that but couldn’t get the bill passed”.

“Give him time it’s only been one year”.

You’re the man, damnit.

Don’t wait, don’t ask; do it, Papa!

Your voters have your back.

The haters ain’t gon’ dig you no way, so fcuk pissing them off.

You ain’t doin’ yo’ job unless you start upsetting this unjust regime.

W didn’t wait for “them” to give him what he wanted, he straight jacked us of our constitutional rights; starting with taking the Presidency.

Our Chief might wanna start thinking of another way to realize his / our vision ’cause the “trying to consider all contingencies” bit ain’t gonna get it.

It’s just that I’m starting to hear the same thing over and over again.

It’s like there was some town hall meeting that I wasn’t aware about.

“Well, it’s hard to be the President. You think you could do his job?”

No, I couldn’t which is why I’m not President.

He’s the one who ran, not me. I don’t expect him to walk up on my bandstand and play “Concentric Circles”.

I tell you what, I wouldn’t want to do his job.

I wouldn’t last a day because I say what I really feel.

In fact, I never would’ve made it past the Jeremiah Wright “scandal” ‘cuz my vibe woulda been, “And what’s so wrong with what he said?”.


I thought he was gonna shift the paradigm of politics.

So far, business as usual.

If MLK was alive, he’d have his foot all up in Barack’s ass right now to insure he delivered what he promised.

But what do I expect, he is a politician.

Now is now, so the whole it’s much better than what was argument is bogus.

Should Blacks have been happy to be able to sit in the back of the bus because at least they not gettin’ they ass beat?

Be happy because it’s better to get hosed down than pickin’ cotton?

Please don’t let us down, Obama.

Don’t be afraid to upset dem bastards.

We got yo’ back, homes.

Handle yourn.

– Nicholas Payton