An Open Letter To My Hater-Flatterers . . .

It’s pretty simplistic to think that you can know the measure of a man through internet posts. I’m surprised at how many of you seem to be so agitated by all of this. Actually, I’m not surprised really. It is you who have taken the time to read and reply to my blog, so you should really ask yourself why you deem it necessary and worth your time.
You are amongst a growing category of people who have been following me that I’ve come call “hater-flatterers.”
They have a big problem with me, yet seem to find me thrilling. I really bother these people. They so quickly dismiss virtually everything I have to say as bullshit or some type of crazed, angry rant, however, they are the very ones who love to indulge it.
If what I have to say is so beneath you, then why bother to reply anyway? Is it that you care enough to educate what you believe to be a poor misguided soul? Is it that you don’t have a life? Maybe it upsets you that I actually have a forum and an audience for my words and no one could care less about what you have to say? Or perhaps what I have to say really rattles the core of your belief system so you feel the need to be defensive? If what I have to say is so silly, then ask yourself why it strikes such a nerve?
Whatever the reason may be, I will not stop writing. All the hater-flattery in the world will not prompt me to change.
You will only serve to make me stronger. You may not agree with what I have to say, sheesh, even I feel differently about what I say day to day. Truth is not a static thing.
Because I make a blog post that says “today it is raining,” tomorrow that may not be true. I am not always right, nor do I profess to be, but I do always speak what I feel and that obviously resonates with a lot of people. And as much as you may not like what I say,  you cannot deny that it resonates with you.
Just a friendly reminder: this is cyberspace; not real life.
– Nicholas Payton
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