On Tooting My Own Horn

I never got why when people said someone was “tooting their own horn” it was a bad thing. Isn’t that what my horn is for? If I am not to toot my own horn, then who?

It just brings to mind how illogical some things are we tell ourselves and accept to be true.

“Wherever I go, ego.” -Nicholas Payton

I also don’t get people who say someone has an ego, like it’s supposed to be bad. There is nothing wrong with ego. Ego is what keeps us all alive. It’s what inspires us to work everyday. It’s what drives us to protect and provide for our loved ones. It’s why you get out of bed every morning. Ego doesn’t allow you to tolerate people to walk all over you. There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of ego, it’s all in how it’s used.

Critical Thinking

People, by and large, lack the ability to think critically. We’re not trained to be thinkers in our society. We’re trained to be followers of preexisting thought. Always stuck in the past. As a result, the masses are intimidated by those who aren’t afraid to unapologetically call it how it is. We live in a world that makes people feel sorry for being brilliant.

The Genius Of Nicholas Anthony Payton 

If everybody always understood where I was coming from, I wouldn’t be a genius. I can’t apologize for free creative thought and expression. I’m not allowed. It goes along with being an artist.

The creative free thinking mind is fast as a mothafucka. Took 15 years for the world to catch up to Thelonious Monk’s.

Mothafuckas Chillin’ On My Nutz

Mantras are powerful. I’ve been chanting, “Mothafuckas chillin’ on my nutz”, which means people are sweatin’ me, (if you need another translation try the Urban Dictionary) and it has driven my blog viewership for the cause to over 100,000 views this past week and a half. These are record numbers. This is not about me, this is science. It’s not boasting, it’s an affirmation of what is possible when we exercise right effort with consistency. This is about the right for me to say what I want to say in the way I want to say it. The mantra you repeat is what you will bring into your existence.

Telling The World The Mantra You Want Repeated Back To You

Why can’t we say what we are anymore without “people” feeling threatened? James Brown dubbed himself “Soul Brother #1.” Muhammad Ali said he was “The Greatest Of All Time.” The old advertisements of Pops back in the day said “Louis Armstrong: King Of The Trumpet.” They were proud of who they were, they let the world know it and the world repeated it back to them. Is that boastful or true? American Major League Baseball player, Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

Unless we put forth the mantra we want the world to repeat back to us, it’ll never happen.

Impact vs. Recognition 

I’m convinced that in the long run, the passive approach bites you in the ass. You must claim what’s yours. Nothing is given, not even to those who deserve it. Here’s the thing: I’ve had a profound effect on the trumpet players after me, but these critics today don’t have ears so they don’t know what comes from where. I’ve had major impact, however those who critique this music don’t know the music well enough to tell where stuff comes from.

Here’s where ego goes wrong: some people today have a hard time complimenting others publicly. They fear it will diminish their shine to “give it up” to someone else.

It’s not about getting accolades as much as it’s about being given the proper respect for one’s place in the lineage.

Our forefathers and mothers had no problem outlining in detail what their intentions were when the time called for it. There is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak.

Miles Ahead

Miles Davis would often say he changed music 4 or 5 times and they called him all kinds of arrogant for it. Was it not true? In the end, they began to repeat the mantra. The truth resonates, maybe not immediately, but definitely over time.

Don’t Hate, Create

Instead of being threatened by another’s greatness, figure out a way how to tap into your latent spiritual potential. Every living being has it, it’s just that not many are strong enough to do the work required for true transformation.

Lift That Leg Up High

We are all victims of a colonial mindset. It took great effort to program it, it will take great effort to deprogram it. The moment great people have to diminish their shine to make the mediocre comfortable, is the moment we stop living.

Don’t lower your leg to make the other dancers comfortable, lift that leg as high as possible and make them stretch themselves up to your level.

They’ll hate you for it in the beginning, but in the end, they’ll be better off for it.

In Closing….

I am Nicholas Payton and I play Black American Music.

Created by Blacks for everyone.


– Nicholas Payton (The Savior of Archaic Pop)

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