Fuck The 99%!!!

The 99% is simply about a class of Whites aligning themselves with the impoverished they didn’t give a shit about until they, too, were broke. Am I supposed to care now that you’ve had a “come to Jesus” moment and want to say it’s all about us? Us didn’t become “us” until a faction of people felt the burn who never felt it. They didn’t give a shit when it was “just us”, so now I don’t give a shit. Justice. How does that song go, “Cry Me A River”?

More power to Occupy Wall Street on a certain level, on another, for me it’s bullshit. 99% bullshit. Nobody was worried about Occupy’in shit in America when it was mostly Black people who were broke. Why are people occupying the streets when the only person capable of keeping you from your dreams is you? The Occupy movement is a distraction and will not yield anything but more confusion. There is no “machine” to fight against. We are in the dark because people are asleep to their own light. Cure the internal war within and the war without instantly vanishes.

We’ve worked from the outside in for centuries and still have not completely resolved the bigger issues. Grand gestures make great headlines, but the real healing takes place on an individual level. I believe the approach is dated and will yield very little, if anything at all. The 99% won’t see results as long as the 1% is still sitting pretty. Remember: the design is to make the rich richer, the poor poorer and to weed out the middle. Mission accomplished.

Get It Together Or Leave It Alone

Why do we have to take back control of our lives? That’s just it, no one took it, we gave it up (well except the slaves and the like but that’s another issue). No one else can give you your life back, you have to claim it. If you don’t someone else will. Occupying the streets won’t give you your life back, occupy your mind.

Mass protests and movements are dated and of a different era. That shit worked in the 60s. I don’t believe it’s what we need now. People need to live more authentic lives and connect to their center. Too many distractions take people away from what’s really important. Fuck the streets, occupy your mind/body/spirit.

These political grand gestures are a band-aid to the problem. The real healing won’t begin until people do the work they need to do on themselves. The only true and lasting revolution will be from within. We will only obtain world peace when we all collectively achieve inner peace. It’s just that simple.

Living In America

As a Black man in America, the unbalance of powers I experience in this country is a daily reality. I’m not going to shout in the streets because White middle and upper-class America’s just waking to what I’ve known to be true all my life. It’s silly. People are now starting to see the what they thought was the American dream has been a nightmare all along. OWS is chillin’ on my nutz!!!

Here Come The Carpetbaggers!

This movement has to do with ego. It’s akin to the hippies who needed to go out and “find themselves” knowing they had six-figure lives awaiting them once they returned home. It’s just like all these carpetbagging mothafuckas who came to New Orleans post-Katrina who think it’s cool to not bathe and play their version of bad New Orleans music in the streets. We played in the streets to earn money for our families, to continue the tradition of our ancestors. It’s a hobby to some of these kids. They come here and make a mockery of our traditions because they think it’s cool to be a revolutionary. Then, some of these carpetbaggers feel like they want to educate the world, including locals, about something they “discovered.” Yeah, like Christopher Columbus discovered America. Newsflash: it was already here!

Jerk Chicken Sauce

 We’re here because the powers that be have been stingy and greedy with all the money. It’s only become a problem because now they are victims of their selfishness. I could care less, they didn’t give a fuck when it wasn’t them. The Occupy movement may be a start, but outside of that, it’s pretty empty. Let’s see what follows. That will really determine where people’s heads are. But at this point, the OWS is just a big circle jerk.

There has been too much focus on external discussion. It will not ultimately help. Time to double-up on the internal dialogue. People need to focus on their own spiritual rebirth. Outward signs of demonstration will always be limited. The real work begins within.

Just To Get By

Black people have been used to scuffling and just getting by for years. Since slavery we’ve always had to be resourceful. This is not to say that there are no impoverished Whites, but are we really going to argue that it is of no benefit to being White in America? Are we really going to argue that it’s harder to be Black?

Black Nannies

 I see Black nannies walking White babies around my neighborhood all the time. That kid will have a great education, not because the parent is involved in their lives, but because that parent lives in a better district with a better school or can afford private education. That nanny’s kid most likely goes to a fucked up school in a Black neighborhood. She can’t spend as much time with her child as she would like because she’s a single mother and has to put food on the table by taking care of a White person’s child.

This imbalance in America has existed long before Bush or Reagan, it’s just that now a class of Whites who have remained virtually unscathed by it all are finally feeling the pressure. Well, welcome to America. Don’t start getting all “We the people” now because you are beginning to see what we Blacks have known all along. This is not about victimizing myself as a Black man, this is about acknowledging that I don’t give power to the 1% of those who run this country to control me, so don’t lump me in your 99%.

Fuck the 99%.

 I don’t need to protest and cry in the streets for what I’ve known to be a grave injustice in this society for pretty much all of my life. I don’t have to ask for what I already have. I don’t have to fight the power, we’ve already done that. I’m focused on the type of spiritual renewal that can only take place within. I am about occupying my mind, my soul and my spirit.

I am 100% of myself and none of that is part of someone else’s 99.


Nicholas Payton aka The Creator Of BAM aka The Savior Of Archaic Pop

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