Walking While Hooded : Trayvon’s Sin Was In His Skin

Skin I’m In

Is George Zimmerman a racist? It is my understanding that he’s Latino, meaning, he’s Brown; and is ultimately subject to discrimination like Blacks in this country. He’s a Brown man who perhaps identifies as a White man. A Black man could also be guilty of the same thing.

This is clearly a racially motivated crime, but is it a racist one?

Black And Brown Get Down

As I’ve said before, racism is an institutional epidemic. The basis of racism is having the racial superiority over another to control the outcome of their lives. At this time, White people are the dominant culture.  It is Whites who have the most pull politically and economically. No Black or Brown person can inject their race into a situation to ultimately influence the course of a non-Black or Brown person’s life.

So people are screaming racism all over the place, but was the killing itself racist? I say no. The response to the killing and the legislation that allows Zimmerman to still roam free is the racist part. The way Black on Black crime is treated is just as racist. It is clear by Zimmerman stalking and profiling Trayvon while mumbling shit like “fucking coon” has racial overtones, but I don’t believe a Brown man can commit a racist act against a Black man. Racially motivated? Yes. Racist? No.

Black, Brown and White

Black and Brown people both suffer racial persecution in this country. The irony of this is, what happened to Trayvon could of easily happened to someone of Zimmerman’s looks. In fact, Brown people have perhaps been under more heat than Blacks when we look at all the anti-immigration in stuff that’s been going on in Arizona and Alabama, for example.

Where’s Your Green Card?

Just look at the racist chants that were directed to Angel Rodriguez at the NCAA men’s tournament as a current gage for the racial hostility against the Latino community.

What Kind of Man Is A Zimmer Man?

I think the majority of Blacks assumed when they heard what happened to Trayvon in Florida by a cat named Zimmerman, that the killer was a White man. I bet many Blacks felt “some kinda way” when they saw what this Zimmerman looked like. Yeah, he ain’t Black, but he clearly ain’t White. How do we really know what he is and does it matter?

If this was a Black on Black crime with the same 911 phone call and the epithets, would this be that big of a deal? There have been plenty cases of Blacks shooting Blacks that have not garnered this amount of outrage. I’m pretty sure if the killer’s name was George Lopez, well not The George Lopez, the response amongst folks would have been tepid at best.

So what are folks really upset about here? An unjust murder, the murder of a Black kid by a cat named Zimmerman, or the legislation that allows this type of vicious killing of people of color to go unchecked?

Jibaro, My Pretty Nigger

So, the fact that Trayvon Martin was slain on the basis of his race and appearance is yet another glaring example of the unresolved issues with race we still have in America, but I contend his murder is not a racist act. The racist act is the bill in place that allows this Zimmer Man to roam free, regardless of his color.

Racism isn’t a sentiment, it’s a construct. Trayvon, like The Zimmer Man, is just a checker in the game.

“Zimmer” means “room” in German. How apropos! I hope Zimmer Man stays locked up in a “room” for a very long time.


With love and light to the Martin family,

– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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