White Is The New Negro

Black or White?

It’s doesn’t matter if it’s David Duke, Donald Trump or the Sanford, Florida police department, White supremacy is all the same. White supremacy doesn’t only come dressed in white sheets and hoods. It’s part of the fabric of our everyday lives. And to be clear, I am not an advocate for Black supremacy, I am an advocate for equality. White supremacy is as much of a burden to the White person as it is to the person of color. No one can be free until we are all free.

Florida is the new Alabama.

Though similar, racism and prejudice are not the same. Prejudice is what got Trayvon killed; racism is why Zimmerman is still free. Lincoln freed the slaves, but he forgot to free the White people. The biggest hurdle in overcoming White supremacy, is that non-racists deny its existence.

White people: if you want to help absolve racism in America, a) stop pretending it doesn’t exist & b) talk to your racist, White friends.

Racism and violence are embedded in our history as Americans. There can be no healing until we address these issues openly and honestly.  Ignorance is not being dumb, it is ignoring what is around you, not listening to your inner voice, being asleep, being too fearful of standing alone.

We are all sentient beings, the problem is, most people are just full of shit.

If everyone fought to be their best selves daily, no one else would have to be foolish enough to fight for their freedom. Free yourself, you’re the only one who can ultimately do it anyway.

We don’t need role models, we need model citizens.

Civil Disobedience vs. Willful Ignorance

Willful ignorance is also seen in great ones. Malcolm, Martin and Medgar had to willfully be ignorant to their instinct to protect themselves and their families over others. The only thing that will change this world is everyone enlightening themselves.

No model can save you, you must choose to save yourself. Jesus came, Buddha, etc…. and Niggas is still in the dark.

Free Willy!

Everyone is fulfilling a predetermined destiny, to an extent, but we also have the latitude to change. Some people call it free will. It’s the “that could’ve been me” mentality that’s poisoning our society. Let the resting rest and let us learn. We’ve mastered memorializing. Memorials give rise to memorials. We did it for 9/11, Katrina, Haiti, Whitney, and now Trayvon. The pattern is a couple of weeks of faux-grief and we go right back into our bubble. It’s bullshit, let’s break the pattern.

We don’t need role models, we need to be models.

Justice For Trayvon!

We all need justice, not just the kids. The ironic part is, the most just people receive the least amount of justice. We can address more than we think. Most of us are just too afraid to keep pushing ahead.

Niggas, Nagas, Negus….

Racism will not end until White people collectively humble themselves enough to accept their African ancestry. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon not because of what he hated in Trayvon, but because of what he hated in himself.

We’re ALL Niggas!

The race construct has created a false divide where we see self and other. That said, “Don’t call me Nigga, Whitey.”

And to be absolutely clear, I didn’t say one should feel humbled by their African ancestry, I said people should humble themselves to acknowledge their African ancestry. We all come from the same source, Africa. Racism will end when we all see other in self. This requires humility.

We are all the same and not the same, which is a problem because most people have a hard time respecting differences. Every human is of African descent. It’s not called “The Motherland” for nothing. It will require humility for some folks to see that we are all equal citizens in this world. How many tragedies do we need before people wake up?


Being proud of individual heritage is not the problem. We have that covered. The chasm the creates racism is the inability to humble oneself to the recognize likeness in everyone. This is the basis of White supremacy and the chief factor in the creation of the racial construct.

Though illusory, I don’t even think there’s anything wrong with celebrating racial/cultural differences as long as there’s a mutual respect involved. The idea of a racially homogenous society seems boring.

Recognize “This” member! *grabs Johnson*

Humble: not proud or arrogant; modest; courteously respectful.

Humility is what going to be required if White supremacy will ever be overcome. Some White people get it, but clearly not enough.

How can you say it’s not a race thing? Did you hear the 9-1-1 call? What do you think Zimmerman meant by “fucking coons”?

Bobby Rush, Bobby Rush, Bobby Rush….

Foghorn Longhorn

The cartoon below was published in the UT’s Daily Texan. I’m willing to bet Stephanie Eisner, the sketch artist (I’m being generous) who did this piece, feels she did nothing wrong. White people are the new Negroes in post-racial America. They are now the victim.

Racism doesn’t exist anymore in post-racial America. The only racists are those who identify an act as being racist. Denial is a mothafucka.

Even if Trayvon attacked after Zimmerman pursued him, why does the ‘Stand Your Ground’ clause work in defense of Zimmerman but not Trayvon? Zimmerman had no business following Trayvon around the neighborhood anyway, especially after he was instructed not to do so.

This piece goes way beyond the realm of satire. Not only is it racist, but illustrates an utter disregard and complete lack of compassion for the loss of a young man’s life.

No Mud, No Lotus

I could be wrong, but I am hopeful Trayvon’s murder will make some folks see the racial dynamic as it truly is in this country. I’m sad that it had to come to this for some people to awaken to the fact that racism is real.

I’m not saying racism as a whole will end from this, but I believe like the televising of Negroes being blatantly brutalized by White folks on TV during the Civil RIghts era did for racial awareness, this too will open some eyes. The thing is, most White folks don’t recognize or acknowledge that racism still exists.

The crux of the matter is, the only people with the power to end racism are White people. There is nothing we as Blacks can do that hasn’t been done.

Is It A Crime?

It isn’t a crime. Persecution of Black folks is written in the Constitution. This country was founded on the blood of people of color. Slavery is needed to sustain the capitalist edict. It’s the American way.

Sunroof Top

Racism is a “from the top down” phenomenon and White supremacy is what fuels it. People of color can only be prejudiced, not racist. All racism is prejudice, but not all prejudice is racism.

For example: Blacks who hold down other Blacks are self-loathing Blacks. Black people as a collective don’t have any socioeconomic power in this world and therefore cannot be racists, and whatever socioeconomic power we may have had in America, integration all but obliterated it.

The Oprahs and Obamas

All the Obamas and Oprahs in the world do not make people of color have equality in this society.  Oprah and Obama are two of the most powerful Blacks in this country and yet they are still victims of racism.

The have status in terms of class, but they are not a part of the White Boy’s Club that controls this country. Know that.

The Semantics of Racism

I challenge the definition of racism that says it has to do with the belief in one’s racial superiority above others. Belief does not make one superior to another,

having power over them does. That is racism.

And for those who say who am I to champion for a change in the definition of the word racism? People change and redefine definitions all the time. English itself is an abstraction from primal linguistic thought.

Racism is not a linguistic issue. Anyone who says differently is simply bringing a red herring to the fish fry. Racism is a socioeconomic construct, not a linguistic one. Etymology is an ad hominem argument, as well.

Without racism there could be no White supremacy. The only way White people keep control is by the false existence of a racial construct. The creation of the White racial construct and institutional racism are synonymous with one another.

Prejudice may be painful, but racism is oppressive.

The Is of Isms

You can believe what you want, but every corner of this world is dominated by White people. White supremacy and racism are mutually interchangeable. Were it not for racism, humankind would most likely suffer from some other type of “ism,” but as it stands now, racism (sexism following closely behind) is the most crippling of them all.

Racism ranks above classism in that all racism is classism, but not all classism is racism. All isms aren’t equally yoked. Homophobia is sexism. But what is the basis of racism? Of course, fear, but more specifically? Who has the power and why?

Racism is the core issue. As it stands now, classism is first defined by race. For instance, even though the working-class person stands at a similar disadvantage regardless of race, White privilege exists for all White people. A person of color can never be the beneficiary of White privilege, regardless of monetary status.

As long as human life IS, we will suffer some type of ISM

White Is A Choice, Not A Birthright

video courtesy of Will Valenti

People of color can only be bigoted towards others. Racism is not an act on an individual level, it is a construct that exists on a global level. An individual cannot incite racism on anyone, it is a communal vibration that affects the whole of society.

Yes, classism existed first, but racism has long surpassed that. Classism exists in all cultures, but in order for racism to exist, one race has to be exalted above all others. At this time, it is the White race.

In theory, any race is capable of racism but only when that race has dominion over all others. The thing is, racism is dependent on the White race to exist, as everyone else on earth is classified as people of color. The end of racism is contingent on the dismantling of the White race, which really doesn’t exist anyway. And no I’m not speaking of “racial cleansing,” I speak of the end of an idea.

The idea of racism itself is oppressive. There are no intrinsically oppressed people.

That’s the beauty of racism.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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