You Think You Bad? You Do It!

You Think You Bad?

You know what’s wrong with the world? Too many people spending time worrying about how other people should do some shit or how they could do it better instead of working on themselves. If folks spent more time contributing something to the world, they wouldn’t have much time to judge others who do. ‘Tis far easier to be a critic than it is to actually accomplish something in your life aside from criticism. People who sit on the sidelines and talk about how it should be done as opposed to getting out there and doing it are #comn (chillin’ on my nutz).

Everybody’s a star, everyone tweets, everybody knows what’s best, and most mothafuckas don’t know a got damn thing. They’re having trouble figuring out their own life situations but wanna tell you how to run yours. Fuck outta here. Figure out your own shit, and when you do, you’ll have more meaningful shit to say on your own. If all you have to say is how other people should do things, then what does that say about you?

You Ain’t Nothin’!

What are you learning about life if you spend a great deal of time critiquing how others go about theirs? They love you. They hate you. They can’t make decisions on their own because they’re too obsessed with what decisions you make. Do you want to know why you’re enamored with talking about certain people? They’re living and you’re not, that’s why. By participating in social media, we are all subject to criticism, that’s understood, but some of y’all only have criticism to add to the conversation. If your biggest accomplishment in life is getting a reaction from people, that’s sad. If you only praise people because they praise you, that’s pathetic. If you feel threatened by folks who are brave enough to stand alone for something they believe in, that’s cowardice. And if all you have to add to a conversation is a smart-ass quip, that’s childish.

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?


It’s real simple: Focus on you. That’s it. The world would be instantly healed if everyone just enlightened themselves. No one can bless you. We must bless ourselves. Each one would no longer have to teach one. No one would have to be their brother’s or sister’s keeper. The burdens and troubles of the world would vanish. If only more fought the internal war, there would be far less external wars. Stop picking apart every little fucking thing someone else does. None of us are perfect; just own your shit. That’s enough.

The Scales of Just This


Just diss, that’s all some of you do. Just diss. There’s no justice, just this. This is all we need; nothing more, nothing less. Thisness: a trueness of being. Absolute sincerity. Every Is is plagued with an Ism. The Id is haunted by “Well, I’d do it this way.” Your way works for you and my way works for me.

There are enough ways in the world for everyone.

Mothafuck The Wagon; Don’t Join The Band

The Emperor ain’t naked; he got on dirty draws. You mothafuckas don’t care because y’all draws dirty too. It’s a damn shame. Everybody giving High 5s and the world is in flames. Get your shit together people. The slackers and the crackers are making it hard for those who actually do the work. Nigga, stop looking for a handout; nobody owes you shit because you had a tough life. Pull it together and git ‘er done.

You Gotta Wash Your Ass

There are a bunch of semicolons out there today. You know, half-asses…. Just enough is good enough. No one wants to disturb the bunch. A bunch of yes men and posers all waiting to get their piece of the pie. Mothafuck a pie. Mothafuck a piece. Peace, that’s what we all need. The peace in knowing that if you can just have the leisure time to worry about your circle, you wouldn’t have to worry about so much else. You can’t focus on just cleaning your own asshole because there are too many other assholes out there that need service. That’s right!

I Stay Woke

They say you get more bees with honey. Who the fuck wants a bunch of bees? Bees sting, especially Wanna Bees. Wanna be this and they wanna be that, but really ain’t shit. Bees buzz. Create your own buzz. Be a light. In a world full of darkness, you’d think light would be appreciated, but to some, light is the sun peeping through the shades disturbing their slumber. They don’t wanna be awakened. Thing is, we all have a choice. There is enough room in the world for everyone to be who they are without getting in another’s way.

Spare Change


You gave and you give and yet you are unappreciated. Why bother? Why contribute to the world only to be ousted, in the end? Why? You love you. Your conscience won’t let you idly sit by and let the world implode. You care enough and don’t give a fuck at the same time. Sucks, but all sucking ain’t bad. There’s some good shit out there. Matter of fact, there’s a surplus; an overabundance. Wanna know why? Because people don’t want high-level shit, they just want spare change. They are satisfied with someone else’s leftovers. New ground isn’t paved. It requires too much work to think for yourself, so, fuck it. Status-quo is the new counterculture and counterculture is now a fad. It’s almost predictable what mothafuckas’ next move will be. That’s what people want. No one wants to guess anymore. We’re too impatient to deal with anything that doesn’t reveal all its levels at once. No one wants to dig but everybody wants to be hip.

Knee Deep


Real mothafuckas are hard to come by these days. Everybody is a genius. Snowflakes are #comn, literally. If you spent time cultivating your own nutz, you wouldn’t have so much time to spend chillin’ on everyone else’s. Be a man, be a woman, a boi, ladyboy, whatever you like. Whatever it is–be you–and stop worrying about what people think and do. That’s valuable time you could be putting into your own shit.

Don’t hate: Create!



– Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM


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