On The Fulcrum and The Lever . . .

Being more aggressive is easy; having the patience to know when to dial it back is an art.


People have the most difficulty in life because they can’t distinguish the fulcrum from the lever.

Every path has a dead end, at which point it requires you to make an adjustment to continue along the journey.

Every great innovation has come about by someone taking an idea that has become too abstracted back to its roots.

You want to live forever? Work hard. Rest often. Develop a strong sense of self, and be able to adjust.

Adjustment is easy.

It’s inflexibility that’s hard; literally!

It’s a learned behavior.

We are naturally flexible beings.

Revolutionaries don’t create new things.

They take some shit you look at everyday and make you see it a different way.

The guy who invented the light bulb did some shit the sun and fire had been doing for eons.

He took abstraction back to its roots.

The worst thing you can give some people is a badge, a uniform, and a little authority.

The revolution will be televised, but no tape will be in the camera.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop




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