On The Blues . . .

The Blues is not a style of music, it’s a lifestyle.

If you’re always willing to put your trust in shady folks, but constantly doubting the people who love you, fuck you.

If you’re always looking to get, and never ready to give, fuck you.

If you’re quick to condemn, but slow to support, fuck you.

Sound and feel are most important. Everything else is secondary.

If you don’t get lost every now and then, you ain’t really going nowhere.

The key to longevity is taking rests before you feel you need to.

Embrace your mistakes. It’s nothing but the truth trying to come out.

There are plenty mistakes if you’re reaching. That is where the beautiful stuff happens. Embrace them.

Most musicians spend their whole lives trying to figure out what to play, but very few devote much time to learning what not to play.

Without the attachment of sound or feeling, words are intrinsically empty.

Musicians know nothing of The Blues. Only an artist can effectively interpret The Blues.

Belief is the bastard child of knowing.

Fuck believing in yourself. Know yourself.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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