On Being Selfishly Selfless . . .

There is no way to have peace without war. It should be called “piece” because it’s only part of the story. Striving for world peace is silly. We should all strive for inner-peace. Once we achieve that, we will instantaneously have world peace. The world is simply a collection of individuals. There will be no world peace until there is collective inner peace amongst all peoples.

World Piece

Fuck healing the world. Heal yourself. You’re no good to The Cause if you ain’t well within. Speaking of healing the world… What’s up with these Black artists who do a banging 1st half of an album, then the 2nd half full of “heal-the-world,” crossover bullshit?

Nas needing to have a ghostwriter is like Ron Jeremy needing a penis extension. #mfcomn

Leggo My Eggo

We’ve been lied to. We’re told that something is wrong with ego. Well, there isn’t. Ego is only bad when it’s out of balance with generosity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selfish or having an ego. If you aren’t good to yourself first, you’re no good to anyone else. Lack of ego is as much of a hindrance to personal and spiritual growth as too much ego. Balance is key.

Ego is like food; too much or too little can be destructive to one’s health. Ego is what tells you to put on your oxygen mask first so you can better assist others. Ego is what gives you faith in a greater world when everything around you suggests otherwise.

Self Worf

Being selfish and selfless are not mutually exclusive. You can have a healthy sense of ego and be a generous soul at the same time. Without a sense of self-worth, you are of no worth.

When you’ve completed a project where you feel your creative genius was at its highest, remember– bullshit floats.

Wherever I go, ego.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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