On What Is New . . .

We live in an era where I believe too many people have become intoxicated by this idea of newness. It’s one thing if we’re talking about material possessions that are either perishable (like food), or carry with it an element of depreciation (cars or clothes). But when we’re talking about creative or spiritual endeavors (music, God and pussy), it’s a very dangerous and seductive path to tread upon.

“Flattery is the most seductive drug on the market.” -Nicholas Payton

The Difference Between Pop Tarts and Pop Art

There appears to be a split in society amongst those who get it and those who need to be told what to get. There are those who exhibit a creative nature and those who are more of a parasitic nature. The thing is, some people are only able to participate in a conversation once a topic has been established. They are incapable of generating any ideas of their own. Maybe I shouldn’t say incapable. We are all capable, but some– through ignorance or laziness– don’t do the work. It should not be forgotten that we live in a time that highly celebrates the sampling of previously recorded works.

“The most important part about a human being is the be-ing.”

-Nicholas Payton


It has occurred to me that most of the things that are touted as new today aren’t really new at all, but because the span of historical reference is largely becoming shorter and shorter, people are under the illusion that what they are witnessing is new when– in fact– it is not. There is also a desire for some to either erase, reinvent or discredit the past or certain fundamentals as to make it easier for bullshit to thrive. As a result, there’s a lot of trying and very little doing.

The advent of home computers has only served to make things worse. The immediacy of information has conditioned attention spans and patience to be at an all-time low. Likewise, social media has broadened the base of the critical establishment and widened the gap between those who do and those who talk about those who get things done. In fact, there isn’t much social about social media at all. It would more accurately be called: anti-social media.

“Mediocrity is like cockroaches in the dark who scramble for cover once the light of genius is shown.” – Nicholas Payton

Mary, Don’t You Weep . . .

First of all, we as human beings don’t create anything. At best, we reorganize preexisting material and perhaps give it a new life. Short attention spans have encouraged some folks to forget, in many cases quite conveniently, where they’ve come from. Bullshitters have much to gain from perpetuating the idea of newness. For bullshit to survive, it must prey on the forgiveness and the forgetfulness of others.

The Wind Cries, Mary . . .

We live in a world of opposites. It’s what makes life dynamic. People like to say, “It’s all love.” But it ain’t all love. If it was all love, then there would be no love. What most people associate with love is not love at all. Love can be very seductive; all passions are. Hate or fear is not the opposite of love; it’s not even apathy, as some suggest. No, the opposite of love is reason. Hate cannot create; it can only attack. Whatever is not born of love is not born of hate or apathy; it is born for a reason.

The opposite of thought is not non-thought; thought’s opposite is stillness. It is when we are still that we are most useful. Stillness is like an empty glass, for in its emptiness, that glass holds the greatest capacity to receive.

To be still doesn’t mean not to move. To be still is to have the patience and steady pulse of a ship which allows the water to do its work.

“Music is not born of sound, it is born of silence.”

-Nicholas Payton

New Blues

Blue as the sky. Wide and wise; sharing stories of struggle and perseverance. As sure as the string of the harp must bend in order to open the heavens, so must we open our hearts. To be blue is to be new– always.

“That shit that seems new now– that’s the same every time you experience it– will get old and folks will want to feel the real shit again.”

-Nicholas Payton


– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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