On Why There’s Nothing New About Newtown . . .

How many innocent kids are murdered abroad daily by our government? We’re not going to implement gun control laws as long as killing is still a part of the American way. America condones violence and violence begets violence.

I don’t care what Obama thinks. How many children’s lives have been lost on his watch?

“Obama has already authorized 283 strikes in Pakistan, six times more than the number during President George W. Bush’s eight years in office, Bergen wrote earlier this month. As a result, the number of estimated deaths from the Obama administration’s drone strikes is more than four times what it was during the Bush administration — somewhere between 1,494 and 2,618.” – CNN

Obama is as guilty as any vicious murderer we’ve seen lately in the news. In fact, he’s worse because, as an individual, he has far more power to kill a lot more people and he’s done exactly that. I’m not moved by his feigned sympathy for the victims and their families.

With all the violence America causes daily around the world, we are fortunate that this country is as relatively peaceful as it is.

Thoughts and prayers ain’t getting us no fucking where. We need people to speak up, out and against the bullshit. We need action. This ain’t just about gun laws or crimes against children. It’s about the general status of the world. The NRA is just a byproduct of a much larger issue. “Faith without works is dead.” I see thoughts and prayers over the Internet daily. Without action, it don’t mean shit.

Mental illness isn’t only a guy who walks into a school and kills a bunch of kids. It’s also the leaders of our country who sleep easy at night knowing they’ve murdered innocent people.  Spirit is mind. So is body. They are 3, yet one.

Everyone is jumping on this mental illness/gun control bandwagon and that ain’t the root of the problem. If we look critically at how most people in the world think, or their lack of the ability to think, a majority of folks would qualify as being mentally ill. Who’s going to deal with the mentally ill politicians and police who kill innocent people daily under the banner of national defense?

People don’t think for themselves. They repeat useless clichés while—ultimately—they remain dead behind the eyes. Fuck love, hugging your kids, praying and all the other mantras it feels good to say today, but tomorrow you’ll be right back to denial and bullshitting yourself.

What’s the answer? Do the work necessary within to contribute to making the world a better place. If everyone cleaned up their own mess, you wouldn’t have to trouble with anyone else’s.  It’s easy to look at these big external issues like they’re the problem, but the real problem is few are willing to do the internal work needed to make the world a better place.

There are no short term or long term goals. The only goal should be to quit lying to yourself and be better.

If we keep trying to put Band-Aids to the skin, the deep wounds underneath the surface won’t heal.

Don’t only grieve or mourn when the media tells you to. This kind of shit happens daily, but the media focuses on it more heavily when mass violence occurs in suburban areas where people live to move away from such craziness. Nobody wants to deal with the things that are hard to hear, but that’s what’s going to have to be dealt with if true progress is to occur.

I grieve for the victims of such violence, but sadly the shit only hits home when this happens in places where it shouldn’t. Obama has the nerve to get on TV and shed faux tears, but does he shed any tears for the innocent kids he kills in his drone attacks? He’s a hypocrite and those of you who believe and support him feed the mental illness.

I didn’t see Obama get on TV and cry about Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis. He did at least address Trayvon, but I don’t recall him saying anything about Jordan Davis. Guess we can’t mourn the loss of more than one little Black boy per year.

Fuck a tear and a talk. We need action. Y’all can sit back, watch TV and let Obama tug on your heartstrings if you want. He is sick and you are sick for believing the lie. Obama is a cold-blooded murderer and is guilty of killing more innocent kids than who died in Newtown.

From a scientific standpoint of energy, if you go around the world killing innocent kids in other countries, expect innocent kids in your country to suffer the same death. Obama just gave $70 billion to Israel to aid them in killing innocent Palestinian children. Do you think that has no bearing on what happened to those babies yesterday?

I’m not just calling out Obama, but all politicians as well as the citizenry of the American republic at large. If we don’t call our representatives out, they will just serve their own interests.

There won’t be world peace until there is collective inner peace. It is the only way out of these cultural Dark Ages in which we live.

You can’t be a light nor know truth unless you are willing to walk alone and think for yourself.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Apostle of The Nitty Gritty

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