On Peace in a Mentally Ill Society . . .

Folks wanna act like having guns and mental illness is a new phenomenon. People been armed and crazy for years. The real issue is the hypocrisy of American violence.

It is not irrational to think—that given America’s history—every now and then we will bite the bitter fruit brought forth from the seeds of violence we’ve planted. I’m not talking about some spooky, hocus-pocus type of spell we might be under. Nor am I talking about the vengeance from a patriarch up above who is punishing America for its sinful ways. I’m talking about basic science. The Law of Cause and Effect.

I hear so much talk of gun control. Gun control is not the issue. It’s self-control that’s the problem.

– Nicholas Payton

The same government people are hoping will instill heavier gun control laws is the same government that is responsible for its citizens having the access to guns in the first place. You mean to tell me we need the government to keep us from having weapons so we don’t destroy each other? “No, not us sane people. The mentally ill folks behind these mass murders.”

What is mental illness? If mental illness is being callous enough to mass murder innocent children, then politicians, the police and military forces qualify.

– Nicholas Payton

So because someone goes into a school or a movie theater and opens fire, that makes someone mentally ill? Maybe it’s not mentally ill at all. Perhaps it’s just someone violent enough to kill another in effort to assert their superiority over others. The average American blindly supports a government who mass murders children daily. That would most certainly qualify as mental illness. Some of you may believe drone killing is not the same as going into a school and targeting children. Explain that to the parents whose children are no longer here because of those strikes. Tell them how their child’s life was a loss for the greater good of democracy—but when it’s your privileged American child who dies—it’s the forces of illness and evil.

There are innocent babies who die every day on the streets of Chicago, but what happens once-in-a-lifetime in Connecticut has our President and the rest of America in mourning. The children of Chicago get no national vigils or presidential crocodile tears. Suburban children get sent off in glory while Urban children die invisibly.

You see, we don’t worry when our government kills children in Palestine or Yemen, but our hearts are heavy when terror hits home. It’s all energy, and if we ignore the cries of innocent babies elsewhere, then God will ignore our pleas for peace in America. And when I say God, I’m not talkin’ ’bout some daddy in the sky. I’m talkin’ ’bout The Force of Universal Energy. The energy that is within every living and non-living being.

Look at it this way: The same applies to our planet. Lately, we haven’t been taking good care of Mother Nature, so in return, Mother Nature hasn’t been taking very good care of us. The effects of natural disasters are becoming far worse, but the cause is often the unnatural way we treat the Earth.

“Our research implies that far from being natural, these changes could have been largely driven by dirty pollution and volcanoes. If so, this means a number of natural disasters linked to these ocean fluctuations, such as persistent African drought during the 1970’s and 80’s, may not be so natural after all.” – Dr. Ben Booth

We humans work the same way. The irony is: We want peace, but how much of our lives is spent creating a peaceful environment? We can’t be blind to terrorism in one moment and want to get all preachy about it in the next. Energy doesn’t work that way. You get back what you put out—and even if you didn’t put it out—you may get it back anyway.

You can want your pet dog to fly. You can believe with all of your heart and soul that it can and will fly, but the reality of the situation is: It’s a dog and you will be frustrated until you accept the truth that dogs don’t fly. And in the same manner, violence can’t create peace—no matter if Obama or yo’ Mama tells you so.

So, we have to accept the truth about some things before we can have peace. The first thing is that our President and current administration celebrates violence. This is nothing new. It’s been a part of American history since its inception. A majority of Obama supporters believes that he supports peace. News flash: You can’t bring about peace through violent means. Self-defense is one thing; violence is another.

Botched and Furious . . .

In 2007, Barack Obama criticized the Bush administration for hiding behind executive privilege every time something “shaky” went down. But just a couple of years later he invoked executive privilege to keep documents away from Congress about Operation Fast and Furious.

In the above video, Obama endorses Holder and Operation Fast and Furious as well as saying that America and Mexico have been working together on this. But in the following video, ATF Agent Rene Jaquez says Mexico knew nothing about the operation.

“It all began with an ATF program called ‘Fast and Furious’ in which the United States government allowed guns to be smuggled to Mexican drug runners in order to find out where Mexican drug runners were getting their guns. It turned out to be from our government… Circle of life.”

“Anywho, we lost track of about, uh… 2,000 guns. Although–on the bright side—we did end up finding one of them when it was used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent.”

– Jon Stewart

Another truth we must face is that we have a murderer for a president. It’s an ugly thing to say, but the truth ain’t always pretty. The truth is: There’s a lot of ugliness in this world and it starts from the top down. Though a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he has admitted several times to killing Osama bin Laden. He’s also ordered 6 times the amount of drone strikes than our last administration. When our Commander-in-chief (President Barack Obama: The Supreme Commander of the U.S. Armed Forces) takes the moral position of superiority which allows him to justify the killing of innocent children as collateral damage, we can expect our young men in the streets to do the same. If you want to see an end to senseless violence, Mr. Obama, you can make a huge difference by not ordering your troops to kill others.

I didn’t ever believe Obama could do half the things he said he could while campaigning for office. It was unrealistic, but he’s big enough to know that. He sold people a lie and the American people bought it. You can’t advance if you live a lie. I blame him and the American people who support the lie for “the greater good,” whatever that means.

It’s quite simple, we won’t get better until the politicians and the American people are willing to be honest.

There should be social outrage, but there isn’t. That ain’t changed. It’s more of the same. Most American citizens are dead behind the eyes. Their mourning is cliché and consumerized. Until we deal with the ugly things about our country that hardly anyone wants to address, they’ll be no progress. It ain’t ultimately Obama’s fault, the House’s fault or the fault of any branch of the government. It’s our fault. It all comes down to the way we treat each other every day.

When something horrible happens, people are reaching out for the government or God to stop the madness, but you are the governor of your heart and God is within.

– Nicholas Payton

We’re all family. What affects one of us, affects us all. There will be no peace until we stop the violence.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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