Black America : You Built It, But This is NOT Your Country


The Zimmerman verdict is no news. It is business as usual. You can march in the streets. You can make signs. You can blackout your social media avi. You can boycott Florida, yet the other 49 states are just as racist. You can take it to the ballot box, if you’re not a victim of voter suppression, that is. You can wear hoodies, make political memes with Skittles and tweet, “#IamTravon,” but it will change nothing.

Like any other group that navigates the U.S. with any degree of success, you have to create your own America, and the only way to do that is to economically empower your own community.

Stop waiting to be recognized.

Stop vying for validation.

Stop asking for your freedom.

No one willfully gives up power. It must be taken forcefully. Violently. And I don’t condone violence.

Free yourself. Build your own businesses and support your brothers and sisters who are doing the same. We are far behind the pack when it comes to that.

A bullet to the heart is an extreme example of the dreams that are silently killed off daily in the Black community. The seeds of African justice have yet to take root in American soil. Don’t wait for a magic genie to grant you 3 wishes or that Pick 3 lotto ticket to pay off. Do the work required to build a better future for successive generations.

Right now, Black America has more access to riches than ever, but also has less control over its culture than we did 50 years ago, and perhaps since we’ve been freed from chattel slavery. Individual income amounts to nothing if you don’t use it to establish wealth for your people. What do we do with what we have? Produce shows like Basketball Wives, Love & Hiphop, and R&B Divas. Like there aren’t enough stereotypes in the media, so we have to reinforce our own?


The empires that we’ve built like Motown, BET and Essence are now part of the oppressive corporate structure. To top it off, some of the moguls who sold their companies off to Mainstream America have nerve to complain that the legacies they’ve built are now being tarnished. What do you expect? It’s foolish to think others will look after yours like you do.

We’re all brothers and sisters out here, but Black folks need to readopt their pre-Civil Rights mindset. We need to establish our own systems within the system and quit hoping things will change from the outside in.

To those who have been misled into believing we’ve advanced: We have not. We are regressing, and if we don’t do better, things will only get worse. Quit lying to yourselves because it sounds cute, and get involved.

It is not the prosecutors’, the jurors’, or Florida’s fault. Onus is on Black America to make itself impervious to injustice.

Black autonomy is the only way out. Stop waiting for shit to happen.



– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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