FREE WISDOM: The Solution To Ending Black Oppression In America (in one, short blog post)

So y’all gon’ sign a petition to ask the system to bring civil charges against the same murderer the system freed? Y’all a trip. Y’all just not gon’ learn, are ya? You’re asking the same unjust system the same question we’ve been asking since we got off the boat, hoping for a different result. Stop asking White America for justice, Black people, and design your own America by choosing where you spend your Black dollars.

“It is not the prosecutors’, the jurors’, or Florida’s fault. Onus is on Black America to make itself impervious to injustice. Look within.”

– Nicholas Payton

You don’t have to dethrone the King. You don’t have to brandish weapons. No need to riot or burn your neighborhoods down. You don’t have to try to dismantle White supremacy and oppression. As a Black person, that’s not your job anyway. That’s up to White people—like Tim Wise and Michael Moore—to confer with their less enlightened constituents about.

On some level, ain’t none of us truly free until we all free. But the Black community has some internal work to do on itself that no one else can do for us.

You mustn’t suceed from the Union. You don’t have to build a Black Star Line ala Garvey to ship Negroes, en masse, back to Africa (which is just as colonized, if not more, than America). You don’t need to march on Washington or appeal to your political leaders.

The Stand Your Ground law is a diversion from the real issue: Race.

We shouldn’t have to ask anyone else to respect us. What we need to do is respect ourselves. Once that happens, everyone will have no choice but to respect us. Respect is rarely given; it’s hard earned.

Economic self-sufficiency equals power, and until Black America reestablishes that—as we once had and used in the ’60s—we will not gain political leverage. As they say, “Money talks, bullshit walks.”

Buying Skittles and Arizona beverages is not a symbolic gesture, it’s just perpetuating the same structure that serves to oppress you. I’m willing to bet some capitalist pig manufactured that hoodie you’re wearing.

So if you need the Cliff Notes version, here’s the solution in under 140 characters:

Support Black culture, build Black businesses, and buy Black.

Problem solved.


– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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