AmeriKKKa: Are You Syrious?

It seems that there is a bit of naiveté concerning a lot of the information folks have been getting from whatever media sources they’ve gathered information from about this whole Syria thing.

It’s amazing to me that the American people can be so easily mislead time and time again, foolishly believing the narrative that somehow a more just system can be brought about by violence. It will never happen.

1.) You cannot trust anything a high-ranking political official says or any story some news outlet has manufactured. Most politicians lie and they are not to be trusted, especially the ones in question here.

2.) America is in no position to be world police for anyone and typically the only time the U.S. ever gets involved in foreign conflicts is for its own interests. It’s never for justice.

3.) We set the tone for the world. America has its dirty hands in pretty much all of the wars that exist anywhere on this planet, so the hypocrisy that somehow we’re going to come in and “save the day,” is bogus. Even if America is not directly involved, it’s complicit in some way. The violent world climate is but a domino effect from this imperialist country.

4.) Bombing people for peace makes no logical sense. It’s like suspending a kid from school for skipping class.

America has bombed the shit out of other nations ever since they’ve had the capacity to, and there doesn’t seem to be enough weapons in the world to bring about the so-called justice this country loves to rhapsodize about. It’s all lies and illusions.

America should try something different: Lead by example. Bring about a peaceful and just system in the world by creating one at home. Truth is, all these other nations terrorizing each other are just vying to be the world power that America is. It’s mimicry, plain and simple.

So, if others are just going to repeat what America does, let’s create peace and change the paradigm. Being the bigger bully is not the way.

My opinion is let Syrians and whomever else, bomb and gas the fuck out of each other until they get tired of fighting. Sometimes the best way to resolve conflict is to ignore it. You can often exacerbate an issue by giving it your energy and attention.

What’s happening in Syria is unfortunate, but if you want to diffuse a chemical catastrophe, clean up the radioactive poisoning in the Pacific that will serve to kill a lot more than what’s going on in the Middle East if something isn’t done about it.


The President can make the world better by minding his own business. If America wants to fight for something, fight for better wealth distribution, education, health care, clean energy and equal rights for all of its citizens. The only effective way to eradicate injustice in other spheres is to create a model that works at your core.

If you can’t cure the disease within, your efforts to relieve sickness elsewhere will only result in you infecting others.

You want the world to be more peaceful? Start with yourself.


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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