500 Years A Slave Is Enough

I’m not watching anymore movies about slaves, butlers, maids, or any other depiction of Blacks in servitude. I don’t care if the director or writer is Black.

I know the story. Don’t need to see it again. Yes, every Black person in this world is a slave. Our free labor helped our oppressors get an advantage over us that we have still yet to overcome. I don’t need Hollywood to remind me, no matter how brilliant the depiction.

I want to see more movies about how to break the cycles of White privilege and supremacy.

All slave movies are the same. They all have the same ending; we still slaves. We will remain slaves as long as we reinforce the narrative. Well, I refuse to participate.

We got the US Dollar, The Euro, how about a movie about a Black Currency? How Black people pooled their resources, developed their collective consciousness, supported their culture, established economic independence, and began to develop wealth that would improve the lives of people of African descent for generations.

I’ll spend my money to see that movie, regardless of the race of the director.



– Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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