On Why There’s Still No Hope For U.S.


“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

To have hope for America is to be a fool. It makes no sense to believe in the ideals of a republic who has systematically opposed anyone who has tried to get liberty for all people. And you dare evoke the name of God in your allegiance? What God, America? The same stringy-haired, pale-faced God that Europeans erected to make it okay for them to oppress anyone who didn’t look like their Jesus?

What does this republic stand for? Most of the people who are against The Affordable Care Act are the same ones who are quick to call someone “Anti-American.”

Barack Obama, a Black man, is the current President of the United States, and not only is there no liberty for him, but the government shuts down the moment he tries to get some form of liberty for all its citizens. For what good is “liberty” if one is not afforded the opportunity to live healthily?

If there is no justice for the man in the highest seat of authority in this country, there is no justice for anyone.

A Black man doesn’t even have the right to go into a store and purchase a Movado watch or a Ferragamo belt without being perceived as a criminal. A subtle reminder that we are still on the White man’s clock and only he can brandish a whip.

What is so beautiful about this flag? What makes this flag so different than the others? Kanye West recently said something to the effect that he’s claiming the Confederate flag and making it a new symbol of his freedom for the “New Slaves.” Why not? Has there been any more liberty for the oppressed under the nationally sanctioned flag of the United States of America? No. The Civil War didn’t end slavery, it just signaled the end of a type of slavery. The way I see it, any perceived differences between the Confederate and the Union flags are style based. It’s no irony that a cat with the eyes of being a fashion designer has so astutely pointed this out.

The Confederacy and the Union are but two sides of the same oppressive coin.

Remember when the Black Panthers tried to get liberty and justice for its people? The FBI killed, arrested and corrupted its core through COINTELPRO—the government’s counterintelligence program. How you gon’ be “counterintelligence”? Just one example of how you’re not allowed to be a real thinker in this country.

True thought is action-based. In this country, you have the freedom to your own thoughts (if you’re smart enough to have them),  and you have the right to speak them—to a point—but once you begin to successfully bring people together, you will be stopped.

America wants you to have hope,  for where there is hope, there is immobility. And there can be no progress where there is no movement.

Hope is a feeling that wants, desires or expects the best. Don’t “hope,” do. Do not just wish or pray for something to happen; do the things necessary to bring about the circumstances you’d like to see. The enemy is tireless. They are working nonstop to see to it that you will only advance but so far. They’ve created a government and a flag for you to hope in so that you have faith that someone you voted for is doing the work, but they are not. Your votes elect someone within their system who ultimately serves the system, not the people.

I cannot love America until America does something for me to fall in love with her. So far, I’ve seen nothing yet in the history of the U.S. to get me to believe in its goodwill to all people. To the contrary, what I’ve seen is it destroy anyone who has fought to ensure justice towards all its inhabitants.

This country’s wealth is built on slave labor which gives a disproportionate advantage to the majority and created its current systems of supremacy and privilege, which is only offered in abundance to those who bow to the White altar.

A Black man and his family can live there, but it is still The White House.

To those who may ask, with such disdain for America, why do you still live here? Good question. Because this is not America to me. I don’t recognize manmade colonial boundaries. This is land. This is earth. This land belongs to God and I am one of God’s people and I have as much right to be here as anyone else.


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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