Message To Black America via Ferguson, Missouri

Message to Black America: It’s unlikely that the lawmakers or their agents will ever admit when they’re guilty of a crime. Just us.

Message to Black America: It’s unreasonable to think that a system which profits from your ignorance will ever invest in your enlightenment.

Message to Black America: It’s foolish to expect that the oppressor will ever value your community as much or more than you.

Message to Black America: Until you believe your gods to be as powerful as White people’s god or Asian people’s gods, there can be no peace.

Message to Black America: Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter. White Supremacy is President regardless of who’s in office.

Message to Black America: Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump can’t assure justice for Michael Brown any more than they could for Trayvon Martin.

America built its democracy by looting the world, but let Black people bust into a store which robs its own community and it’s a crime.

So what I want to know is: What’s going to be different this time?

We can’t only care about building our community when someone tries to tear it apart. It’s what we do every day that counts most.

And it’s because Black people never do anything differently as a collective, that people have no fear doing whatever they want to us.

Black people’s greatest enemy is not the White man; it’s our short historical memory. We don’t remember till it’s too late. Then we forget.

Black people suffer from CDD, cultural deficit disorder. We only get together for Christmas and lynchings.

We can’t look for the American justice system to declare our humanity. We must claim our own.

Message to Black America: The most rebellious thing you can do as a people is invest in your community, daily. Build truth; destroy the lie.

Black jesus 4


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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