Why Real Niggas Are Becoming An Endangered Species


As usual, it’s open season on the Black male, but the media has been relentless about who they choose to focus on within the past month or so. From the indefinite suspensions of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, to the police murdering more than a few unarmed Black men in broad daylight, this shit happens everyday. But why is the media focusing on it? Perhaps to divert your attention from our Nobel Peace Prize-winning Black President declaring war? Maybe to incite a race war so they can lockdown every Black person in this country? Who knows? What I do know is this narrative is 500 years old.

In other news, Hope Solo is still playing sports with pending domestic violence charges. Is it because as a White woman she is the prize of the White man? I don’t believe White women are protected or valued as a whole by White men. If they were, patriarchy wouldn’t exist and there would be no need for a feminist movement. Perhaps many are under the belief that somehow the White man values White women because how so many of them have killed Black males for even looking at a White woman. That isn’t because he wholesale values that woman. He isn’t protecting his woman. He is protecting his interests. A farmer who kills wolves so they don’t eat his chickens isn’t doing so to protect the livestock, for he is raising chickens to kill them himself. He is killing the wolves to protect his interests so he can kill his chickens when he gets ready.

The White man needs the White woman to keep his seed on the planet. Without the White woman, everyone will return to being colored, as we all once were. And that would end White Supremacy. The whole reason marijuana is illegal in America today is because the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry J. Anslinger, thought weed gave White women a propensity for sleeping with “The Enemy.”

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

– Harry J. Anslinger


Ray Rice would be playing football right now if that video hadn’t gone viral. The folks at the NFL saw the footage months ago. The NFL doesn’t care about Janay Rice, they care about making money, and Ray Rice was cool with them as long as you were cool with him. At the point of which they would lose support or viewership because people threatened to ban the NFL if Rice played, he had to go. I don’t support any man closed fist cold-cocking a woman under any circumstance, except for maybe saving a life if she’s armed and dangerous, which I don’t think was the case. But the details are not the public’s business. Every couple has a right to their own struggles, the Rices not excluded, and it’s unfair to volunteer someone against their will to be a poster child for your cause, as many feminists attempted to do with Janay Rice.

8There is enough of a history of domestic violence in the world to prove your case against it without making examples of those who choose not to take a stand. By browbeating the abused, you add to their misery, further marginalizing them, and undermine your so-called desire to set them free.

Domestic violence is not gender specific. There are plenty husbands getting their asses beat by their wives, but are not taken seriously. There are plenty mothers who abuse their children. Most male abusers have been childhood victims of abuse. It’s cyclical. So, take these football players who we pay millions of dollars to annually to be violent on the turf, but we expect them to know when to shut down the barbarianism off the field of play. Add to that, many of whom come from poor, disenfranchised backgrounds where they were nursed on diets of political, economic, social, and physical violence from the womb. Living in an environment of state-inflicted poverty is violence. There is no such thing as natural poverty. Nature provides all of the resources we need to live. It is man who fucks up the environment and creates constructs that endow privilege to some and denies others.

So whereas Black women may face a greater risk of being abused by their same-raced partners than White women, those that abuse are far more likely to have come from an household with very little resources. We know that people who have less in a world that celebrates having more are prone to be more hostile to one another. People tend to take out their anger on who they see most, not necessarily on those that deserve it.

Hostility within the family unit may share a similar root cause across racial lines, but not for the same reason. Problems are problems, but there are White people problems and Black people problems. White people problem: “What, the only white wine you have on this flight is a chardonnay?” Black people problem: “What, you don’t carry the new Jordans in half sizes?”

If I may speak to the Black woman, there is no place for you in feminism. Feminism is the White woman’s response to how she is oppressed under patriarchy. There is no place for the Black woman in feminism. As a response to feminism, some of you have embraced “womanism,” which is cool, but I feel it’s still a response to a White construct. If Black women return to ancient thought they would find that the ancestors revered the divine feminine spirit. Of course, most of those people were killed in wars and colonization, but there are still those who are left.

I encourage all Black women who feel lost to return to African thought where you have always had a home as goddesses.

Devil In A Blue Dress

devil_in_a_blue_dress_xlgThere’s a difference when a White male Hiphop artist wears a dress versus a Black male Hiphop artist. That White artist can seek solace in knowing that no matter what someone may think about them for doing so, they own the music business. The mainstream community will view them as bold and outrageous for not subscribing to gender norms. Rewind to when Madonna did that book breaking every imaginable sexual taboo and was lauded for her edginess. Fast-forward to when Beyonce gave her husband a lap dance and was slut-shamed all over the Internet the next day. I guess that’s what they mean by the Madonna/Whore syndrome.

I have nothing against men who want to wear dresses, or anyone else, but when it becomes a marketing tool in a Black music that is male-dominated, it distorts and suggests that men should be girls. Go ahead and be gay and a rapper, but so-called straight males masquerading as women feeds into the coon stereotype of castrating the Black male to make White men more comfortable. There are few strong Black males as it is out here.

It’s not the male artist in a dress part that I have a problem with. It’s the idea that it’s attached to masculinity within Black music. What you do in your life is your business. There’s a place for all of that, just not within the visible ancestral lineage of Black American music.


What say you? Bobby Marchan? Little Richard? Sure, there’s a history of cross-dressing in Black music, but this was a niche thing. It was never meant to be normalized in the mainstream. That’s not to say those who push gender boundaries should be shoved in the corner. I’m saying that its proper perspective within the African tradition are that such people are special, not the norm. In many cases, two-spirited people are regarded as more evolved than their sexually monolithic counterparts.

You don’t see male pilots, doctors, or lawyers wearing dresses to work, do you? The dress code serves a purpose. I don’t have a problem with a loincloth or a robe. Wearing a dress for a man in a professional context? Yes. This perspective is not informed of patriarchy or oppression. It has to do with hundreds of years of tradition by Africans. There’s a time to wear a robe and there’s a time to wear a suit.

I can’t demand anything, but some people should be ashamed of wearing certain things in certain contexts. On a certain level, even women wearing dresses and polishing their nails is conforming to patriarchy.

This is not a homophobic stance or a gender bias, but if we continue to encourage this type of behavior, they’ll be no Black men left. They are already on the verge of extinction. So when you talk about patriarchy or gender biases, these are White problems. Africans don’t traditionally have these issues. And the ones that do are just mimicking their oppressors.

The Gatekeepers

of_water_and_the_spiritIn ancient culture, there is a space for those who blur the lines of gender. They are known as “gatekeepers.” They have prized positions in the community. What they do sexually, however, is not forced upon others, nor are others who don’t share their aesthetic made to feel they must participate in their rituals.


“I don’t know how to put it in terms that are clear enough for an audience that, I think needs as much understanding of this gender issue as people in [America] do. But at least among the Dagara people, gender has very little to do with anatomy. It is purely energetic. In that context, a male who is physically male can vibrate female energy, and vice versa. That is where the real gender is. Anatomic differences are simply there to determine who contributes what for the continuity of the tribe. It does not mean, necessarily, that there is a kind of line that divides people on that basis. And this is something that also touches on what has become known here as the ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ issue. Again, in the culture that I come from, this is not the issue. These people are looked on, essentially, as people. The whole notion of ‘gay’ does not exist in the indigenous world. That does not mean that there are not people there who feel the way that certain people feel in this culture, that has led to them being referred to as ‘gay.’”

— Malidoma Patrice Somé


The emasculation of the “straight,” male Hiphop star is marketing. And it also appeals to the mainstream idea that is constantly suggesting that Black men need to alter their behavior and dress to make White people feel comfortable. Those who conform are celebrated and get to live, those who don’t are vilified or killed.


“It’s these emasculated young boys who don’t have no father figure in the hood and who’ve been sometimes oppressed by their mothers, who now go out here and disrespect women and trying to prove their manhood. Out here running around having mad babies with different girls and all, not taking care of ’em, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning. Like, this shit affects everyone. It affects us. What another man wears, it does affect you, ’cause it affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society, and what happens in society is going to affect you, either directly or indirectly.”

— Lord Jamar


All of these “straight,” male Hiphop artists who wearing nail polish and calling each other, “bae,” “hubby,” and the like, are preemptively castrating themselves. If you are two-spirited, there is a place for you. But it’s disingenuous for you to pose as a straight male but outwardly adorn yourself in feminine attire.

Gender and biological sex are not the same thing. Gender is a societal construct. Biological sex is the equipment you are born with. If your male kid has an energy where they want to play with dolls or want to wear a dress, then perhaps they are of two-spirit. No judgement. But I feel modern parenting and modern thinking pushes males against masculinity and force effeminates them. It’s like telling Black males they’re not forward-thinking if they’re not gay.

Patriarchy is nothing but a sub-genre of White Supremacy. Worship of the divine feminine energy is well documented in African folklore. These Nigerians who are kidnapping and killing girls are mimicking their oppressors. Nigeria was a different place before the White man came in, especially with what the oil has done over the past 60 years. It’s polluting the country politically and environmentally. Most current African issues are post-colonial. Granted, Africa was no perfect place pre-cololnialism or else a lot of Black Americans wouldn’t be here via enslavement, but many African issues today are White issues.

I do not judge any gay man, lesbian woman, transgender, pansexual, queer, boi, ladyboy, or any other shade of gender. I think the world would be a better place if those enlightened souls wouldn’t be forced to identify within the dualistic gender roles the White man has subscribed everyone to.

The King and Queen of Rap

Hiphop is the last cry of the masculinity of Black America. Hardcore Hiphop was, in part, a response to the feminine spirit of the Jheri curled male crooner. And no one outside the Black race has the right to appropriate it for their personal or social platforms. Nor should those of the Black race water down the Black aesthetic with European principles. It is the last unapologetically Black, male-dominated art form that has impacted society. We lost it over 20 years ago. Hiphop is dead. It now belongs to the White man. He has successfully colonized and castrated it, like they did George Washington Carver, like virtually everything else in ancient society.

I would love to live in a world where I don’t have to be raced Black and I can solely belong to a culture and a community of ancestors, but I don’t live in that world and neither do you. Until then, we have to do certain unintuitive things to protect that which we value or all is lost.

Being a Black man, it’s my duty to look after the vestiges of what’s left until we evolve past all of this bullshit or until I transition, and even then my work will not be done.

Real Niggas are hard to come by these days. That causes the few that are left to be constantly on guard for the next mothafucka tryna test them. It’s sad that a Nigga can’t just chill and get about the business of their evolution without someone wanting to test their level of Negrity. Then when the Nigga goes crazy something’s wrong with him. Like The Meters say, “Same Ol’ Thing.”

A Black man has a right to be angry, be at peace, have a chip on his shoulder, chill, have zero chill, give a fuck, or give none. “To each his own,” but let a Nigga be a Nigga. That’s the only way the Black man will survive out here. If as a Black male you don’t like the gender box you’re put it, fine. Create an artistic expression that reflects your lifestyle, but don’t tamper with what Black males have erected to sustain their livelihoods.


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

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