It’s Patti’s Pie


People going crazy online because they are saying that the dude who made the video that went viral which helped boost sales of Patti’s line of pies is entitled to compensation. If it were me, I’d cut dude a check, but Patti is in no way obligated to share in the profits of her business. Would it be thoughtful, kind and considerate? Absolutely. But she ain’t gotta do shit.

Unless I’m mistaken, this dude didn’t put up the money to make these pies. And I don’t think he’s her business partner. He went to Wally World and bought 5 pies. That don’t make you a shareholder. That makes you a consumer.

And everybody raggin’ on Patti, but nobody is dissin’ Wal-Mart’s ol’ oppressive-to-its-employees ass… They could pay, no problem.

If Patti’s pies wouldn’t have moved any units and sat on the shelf, would he have shared in the loss? No, therefore no one should expect that he shares in the profits. And, for me, it all comes down to that.

That said, I would give him some bread. Not because I had to, because I feel it would be the right thing to do if he helped me make some dough.

I’m not sure if James (the salesman) feels entitled to a slice of the pie, but if he wants to make some cake, he should do an album singing Patti Labelle covers. That would fly off the shelves!


— Nicholas Payton aka The Maharaja of #MFCOMN

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