The Savior of Archaic Pop Meets The Human Jukebox

This year I had the honor of realizing a dream come true — to play with the Southern University Marching Band at Bayou Classic.

If you were watching the game on TV, you may have noticed NBC didn’t air the halftime show in its entirety (#mfcomn), so here is some of what you didn’t see.


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop

Jive Turkeys and the New Black


Turkey Day. That’s indeed what it is. We are told that today is the American day to remember to be thankful, but should we not give thanks daily? We are told that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the Jesus Christ, the child of God, who is God in the flesh, but aren’t we all children of God? It is this time of year that we give gifts and spread love, but shouldn’t we strive to be giving and loving every day? We say, “Happy Holidays,” but isn’t every day holy?

The Thanksgiving tradition is that we cook and consume copious amounts of food, but what about those who are starving? Should the impoverished be thankful that because of the imbalance in the world’s economy they have nothing to eat today? How do the poor children feel whose parents can’t afford to buy them what all their friends have for Christmas? Do those children feel loved? How does it feel for the parent to not be able to provide for their young? And for those who can afford all the holiday accoutrements, how can you be happy, loving, and thankful when there are millions of people in the world who lack the basic necessities for survival?

How thankful should the parents of Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Jordan Davis, or Tamir Rice be today?

There’s a movement of Black folks who want to boycott Black Friday, but what is that going to do? Black Friday is not the core of the issue, it’s that we are not Black enough every day of the week. This is not the 1960s. 50 years ago we could effectively boycott White businesses because, due to segregation, we could sustain ourselves without spending within the White economy in which we had limited ability to purchase from. Integration wasn’t about regarding Blacks as equals or treating us like humans, it was White supremacy’s way of ensuring capitalistic growth by allowing us to spend more of our money with them. All they had to do was figure out new ways to marginalize us. Slavery was abolished not because it was morally reprehensible, it was abolished because capitalism can’t work unless you are able to increase your consumers year after year. If the population of the chattel enslaved eclipses the free people, the system implodes.

At one time in America, Black people owned farms, banks, hospitals, numbers lotteries, sports teams, radio stations, record companies, clothing and hair product manufacturers. We still own some of these things today, but we no longer control the network behind it. Whoever controls the money controls the people. Black people don’t print money. Would be nice, but there is no Afro Dollar. Even African nations under Black rule suffer from vestiges of colonialism. We no longer collectively value the same things.

Culture is our greatest form of currency, and capitalism has made many of us forget that.

Why do we crave acceptance from a society that has shown us time and again that they have little to no value for us? Are we in such a spiritual deficit that we need love from those who repeatedly abuse us? You’re out in the streets protesting and appealing to an oppressor who gains nothing from your freedom and who will never grant it. The White Imperialist system couldn’t liberate Blacks if they wanted to.

Justice is not the domain of man. It is the domain of the Universe.

In order for Blacks to ever be free, we have to establish a new economy. Our piece of economy within their system will not suffice. The current mode of monetary exchange has replaced the fundamentals of indigenous thought, so it’s not enough to be rich in the ways of this world. Spending White dollars amongst yourselves ain’t gon’ get it. Blacks must be rooted to the foundation of ancient African ancestry in order to reverse the cycle of centuries of oppression. We need to invent a new dollar and attach a new value system to that dollar.

The constitution doesn’t need a rewrite. It needs to be completely obliterated as far as we are concerned. It is evil and faulty to its core, and no amount of amendments can change that. Black slavery is written in the code. “We” are not the people, or people at all, according to that document. There’s no hope for any Black person who still believes that justice is possible under the American flag. It will never happen. Make a new flag. Fly under a different banner. You can’t change what is intrinsically flawed through love. It’s cool to be vulnerable, but it ain’t cool to be no fool. Everything has its place in the world. It’s up to you what you will and will not accept.

No grandiose movements need to occur, for even if we did they would be infiltrated. Voting for which agent of White supremacy that will represent you on any level of government is not freedom of choice, regardless of their skin color. A Black President of the United States can only work within the confines of what they have established against us.

Blacks won’t ever be able to thrive or compete in the White world by the White man’s rules. The answer is not in destroying the White world, either. Let Europe be Europe and let Africa be Africa. In order to evolve, Black people must invest in Black things. No amount of White people, nor can the American justice system do that work for us.

We don’t need a standout leader for they would kill her or him. We don’t all need to agree, but we must have discipline fundamentally. We don’t all need to learn Swahili, but we must all speak the Blues. We can have different tribes and even have wars amongst those tribes, but we must respect our collective harmonic language. We need to establish a new cultural base by healing through the power of sound.

We can have many gods and many ways about us, but we must all know what to do when we hear that beat.


— Nicholas Payton aka The Savior of Archaic Pop